NEPCSA GP Appraisals

Terms and conditions (27/06/2012)

By signing in to and using this system I:

  1. confirm that the information which I provide is accurate. I agree to notify the Quality and Performers Team immediately of any changes to this information;
  2. acknowledge that I will keep my log in details private and secure and that I will not permit anybody else to use it or any session established with the GP Appraisal System. I will take all reasonable steps to ensure that I always leave my workstation secure when I am not using it by logging out of the GP Appraisal System and/or engaging a password protected screen saver. If I suspect my log in has been compromised by a third party I will report this to the Quality and Performers Team as soon as possible;
  3. agree that I will only use my log on to the GP Appraisal System and all personal information in accordance with The NHS Confidentiality Code of Practice (as available on the site) and (where applicable) in accordance with my contract of employment and with any instructions relating to the GP Appraisal System which are notified to me;
  4. agree not to deliberately corrupt, invalidate, deface, damage or otherwise misuse information stored on the GP Appraisal System. This includes but is not limited to the introduction of computer viruses or other malicious software that may cause disruption to the services or breaches in confidentiality.
  5. acknowledge that my log on details may be changed at any time without notice if I breach these Terms & Conditions; if I breach any guidance or instructions notified to me for the use of the GP Appraisal System or if such revocation or change is necessary as a security precaution. I acknowledge that if I breach these Terms & Conditions this may be brought to the attention of my employer (or governing body in relation to independent contractors) who may then take appropriate action (including disciplinary proceedings and/or criminal prosecution);
  6. acknowledge that I, or my employer, shall notify the Quality and Performers Team at any time should either wish to terminate use of the GP Appraisal System and therefore agreement with these Terms & Conditions and to have my access revoked e.g. on cessation of my employment or contractual arrangement with health care organisations or other relevant change in my job role;
  7. understand that NHS North of Tyne Web Development Team are acting as a Data Processor on behalf of the NE PCSA and that any information access requests will be handled by the host PCT;
  8. understand that information input into the system may be emailed to other users (e.g. the necessary exchange of information to book an appraisal) according to appraisal business rules;
  9. I understand that the use of the system will be monitored and that unauthorised access to the system may result in disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.